Reimagining Karachi is an initiative supported by Seedventures. It is an endeavour to take concrete measures to preserve the historical character of the city and to restore the architectural assets to their former grandeur.
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"The launching of 'Reimagining Karachi'lights a new hope for Karachi's historic areas - which having suffered decades of neglect and abuse in the name of incoherent development today present a defaced picture, reminiscing of its past glory. In the wake of incapacitated potentials of our public sector establishments, support from private sector entrepreneurs seems to be the only way for successfully attaining any revival of Karachi's heritage assets."

Dr. Anila Naeem, Prof. & Co-chairperson, DAPNED

"Heritage is a repository of knowledge that enables us learn from the past to brace the future. This learning process can only continue if heritage is scientifically maintained, valued and preserved."

Dr. Noman Ahmed
Professor and Chairman
Department of Architecture and Planning
NED University of Engineering and Technology

"In today’s world of happenings, all strata of life are important contributing factors in urge of betterment. It is extremely unavoidable in this time to not only educate ourselves with the emerging concepts of life but to actually realize the need of up gradation of minds. SEED has emerged with deep roots of these understandings which can be dealt as a stepping stone towards a better understanding of “Regarding Architectural Heritage”.

The aims and objectives as foreseen by SEED are broadly addressing the multiple horizons, yet the heritage conservation is one aspect which will be widely welcomed in Architectural circles. Karachi seems to be truly felt by SEED and the venture is likely to develop a sense of ownership of Architectural Heritage amongst common men.

These efforts once fulfilled will not only enrich the city with beautiful glimpses of past for the users of the city but also will provide a food for thought for future generations to care, nurture and respect their heritage."

Ar. Yasira Naeem Pasha
Assistant Professor, Chairperson
Department of Architecture and Planning
Dawood College of Engineering and Technology, Karachi

"A project like this would be very good for a cosmopolitan city like Karachi. It can get people from different walks of life together. It can bring different activities together such as cultural activities, artistic activities, music, food, entertainment; activities that are there but in pockets in Karachi, can be amalgamated in one place, creating more awareness at the same time. The basic problem of Karachi is ownership, or the lack thereof; so if somebody takes ownership, more people will follow. This project has the potential of bringing people together."

Sameera Raja
Artist, Architect
Owner Canvas Gallery


Another architectural gem in Jodia Bazaar. Despite the fact that it's dilapidated and is squeezed in between some buildings not in keeping with the historical or architectural character of this piece of art; this building still stands out as a beautiful reminder of the bygone days      Empress Market..a stunning reminder of Victorian architecture; a monument that needs to be nurtured and cared for...

I look past the tangled wires and see beautiful architectural details that make my heart flutter...      Peeking through the cloth canopies is this beautiful piece of architecture; now mottled with dust and smoke, with cracks appearing on the exterior
Photo: NED Batch 07-08

Many such buildings, reminiscent of the bygone era, are marred by modern structures that surround them. We need to join hands to help preserve the historic character of such areas...      Merewether Tower, another landmark building in Karachi that was designed by James Strachan. Built in buff-coloured stone, it is an elegant and tall building with intricate detailing and emphasis on carving, that evokes memories of Medieval England.

Now imagine this building without the tangled wires and signage...      One of the many architectural gems in Old Town Quarter. We urge you to explore the historic neighbourhoods of the city and share your views and pics with us.

The once gorgeous yellow bricks, now thoughtlessly covered with paint, the arches, the balustrades, the beautiful duck-egg blue door; all crying out to be nurtured back to their former glory...      There are 19 Historical Quarters in Karachi that have been marked so far. Documentation on more is in process. One of these, Serai Quarter, is dotted with beautiful old structures like this one.

Max Denso Hall, an example of Venetian Gothic architecture; was built as the first library and hall for the natives of Karachi.      Venice fascinates us when we have such architectural masterpieces right here in the heart of the city. One of the many aesthetically pleasing buildings in Jodia Bazaar...

We seem to be living in oblivion, unaware of the old world charm around us...      Singer Chowk-1962.. The same view after 50 years, 2012. The building on the right, next to Singer was declared condemned in 1964 and this new building was constructed. The old building of the 40s on the left, still survives (see 1962 pic) and is listed in the archives under heritage

A view of Hotel Metropole Karachi, 1962-2012, from Gymkhana Club Road side. Not much has changed in this case except the birth and growth of three trees and Cathay Pacific office replacing Pan American office of 1962      The historical building of Radio Pakistan Karachi's Broadcasting House on M A Jinnah Road, has housed the station since 1949 when it was shifted here from the Intelligence School on Queens Road (now M.T. Khan Road), after a year of its broadcast operations. Right opposite Theosophical Hall, close to the Sabri Nihari outlet known as Sabir Hotel since 1942, RPK building was known for its dome in the mid 50s. It housed archival furniture such as a table and chair used by Liaquat Ali Khan, Pakistan's first Prime Minister, when he addressed the nation on Pakistan's first anniversary.
In October 2007, a fire broke out in the RPK building, destroying 14 studios