Reimagining Karachi is an initiative supported by Seedventures. It is an endeavour to take concrete measures to preserve the historical character of the city and to restore the architectural assets to their former grandeur.
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"The launching of 'Reimagining Karachi'lights a new hope for Karachi's historic areas - which having suffered decades of neglect and abuse in the name of incoherent development today present a defaced picture, reminiscing of its past glory. In the wake of incapacitated potentials of our public sector establishments, support from private sector entrepreneurs seems to be the only way for successfully attaining any revival of Karachi's heritage assets."

Dr. Anila Naeem, Prof. & Co-chairperson, DAPNED

"Heritage is a repository of knowledge that enables us learn from the past to brace the future. This learning process can only continue if heritage is scientifically maintained, valued and preserved."

Dr. Noman Ahmed
Professor and Chairman
Department of Architecture and Planning
NED University of Engineering and Technology

"In today’s world of happenings, all strata of life are important contributing factors in urge of betterment. It is extremely unavoidable in this time to not only educate ourselves with the emerging concepts of life but to actually realize the need of up gradation of minds. SEED has emerged with deep roots of these understandings which can be dealt as a stepping stone towards a better understanding of “Regarding Architectural Heritage”.

The aims and objectives as foreseen by SEED are broadly addressing the multiple horizons, yet the heritage conservation is one aspect which will be widely welcomed in Architectural circles. Karachi seems to be truly felt by SEED and the venture is likely to develop a sense of ownership of Architectural Heritage amongst common men.

These efforts once fulfilled will not only enrich the city with beautiful glimpses of past for the users of the city but also will provide a food for thought for future generations to care, nurture and respect their heritage."

Ar. Yasira Naeem Pasha
Assistant Professor, Chairperson
Department of Architecture and Planning
Dawood College of Engineering and Technology, Karachi

"A project like this would be very good for a cosmopolitan city like Karachi. It can get people from different walks of life together. It can bring different activities together such as cultural activities, artistic activities, music, food, entertainment; activities that are there but in pockets in Karachi, can be amalgamated in one place, creating more awareness at the same time. The basic problem of Karachi is ownership, or the lack thereof; so if somebody takes ownership, more people will follow. This project has the potential of bringing people together."

Sameera Raja
Artist, Architect
Owner Canvas Gallery


We believe that for dreams to come true, one must put in all the efforts and energies to make it happen. For us, the dream led to the beginning of this project. Reimagining Karachi is a long journey, but one with light at the end of the tunnel. The journey begins with bringing all the experts on the same platform; be it architects, urban planners, engineers, historians or the faculty of the Architecture Departments of the Engineering Universities i.e. NED-UET and DAP-DCET, as well as Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. While all the notables were already onboard, we were also supported by the City Government, where we have been in close contact with the Commissioner Karachi and Additional Commissioner Karachi, who have been taking a keen interest in the project.

Ten buildings/sites have been shortlisted so far, based on the suggestions of the experts, with their full endorsement, out of which one will be taken up as our pilot project. A comprehensive report has already been compiled on these sites, including proposals from some of the most noteworthy architects and urban planners.

The project has not just been initiated with the objective of promoting and facilitating the concepts of heritage preservation and rejuvenation of neighbourhoods in the historic quarters of Karachi; but also with the intention of creating mass awareness in our people regarding the architectural and historical value of these areas.

Reimagining Karachi promises a very positive impact on the economic, social and cultural scenes within the city’s historic districts, which will result in an overall uplift of the whole environment.

We started off with a passion and full conviction to restore our forgotten treasures and were joined on our way by people from all walks of life; from residents of these historic quarters to the officials from the city government, from conservationists to environmental activists, and ofcourse the students of Architecture; all of us heading the same way…towards a more peaceful, more beautiful Karachi!